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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preschool Play

    It was a very exciting day returning to St Mary’s school. The theme of the day was sports and many student teachers were getting into the theme wearing their favorite team jerseys to show the students.

My group followed theme as well in the preschool room. Lauren, a group member of mine, brought a craft for the preschoolers to do. It was coloring pages and constructing an “Olympic Medal” all of their own. The preschoolers colored each medal cut out, once finished coloring the students brought their cut out to one of the student teachers in the room to have a ribbon attached to the cut out so it can be worn around the wrist. The preschoolers seemed to enjoy that they could wear their creations and show them off to their friends around the room.

Following the craft activity was story time. I was privileged to read to the preschools during that time. We read the book “Flip and Flop.” This was appropriate because there had been so much snowfall recently and it included a lot of snow activities in the book. The story is about two penguin siblings who play in the snow together a game they created and then was able to share with friends. It was very exciting and the group of students listening to the story got to join in with the story themselves. They liked the reading so much they wanted to hear the story again! I had a lot of fun reading to them.

We got to go into the gym and play a few games next. MK, my group member, started a game that included Jump ropes. This was an activity where the jump ropes were stretched across the floor parallel to each other and had some space between them. The preschoolers were active in participating in this activity because it allowed them to run and jump over objects. Following that was the game Bridges. The preschoolers were confused at first about the game but go the hang of it and enjoyed when the music stopped so they could be caught in the bridge. 
After these activities some time was spent with the preschoolers leading the activities. Hula hoops were grabbed and they started some games of their own. Each of my group members and I participated in these activities. Some were playing tag, being chased, or playing hopscotch. It was a fun time and a very successful day.

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