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I believe that strength is beauty. Being physically active brings health and wellness to life. Love what is life, life is physical, life is strong, life is beauty. Have enthusiam for life!! Live it, love it, dream it

Sunday, January 29, 2012

St. Mary's Lab 1

We had our first day at St. Mary's school. This certainly was an experience. Although we did not go into the day as the teachers our group was able to comprehend was is expected from us this semester. The TA's did a great job starting off the day; everybody was participating and having a good time. The games that were played had a focus on certain motor skills; some kids had more developed skills than others. The older students were focused and determined to win, while the younger students were flailing their limbs all over the place but still having a good time running around with their friends. As the day went on the groups participating in the TA’s activities got smaller and smaller. As you look around the room the children have dispersed themselves amongst various activities with their peers. The older boys were mainly playing basketball and knock out. The older girls were doing activities such as hula hooping or tag or coloring while they could talk to their friends about their day. Each of the kids has a story to tell… always. The youngsters liked to stick around  with all the TA’s and new student teachers and play more interactive games. The younger boys liked to sped time with the male Student teachers because they liked to relate, same with girls the younger girl spent most of their  time with  a female student teacher before running  off with their friends.  We learned that our main focus is to try to keep  the students participating together as much as  possible. With that goal and focus I think this is going to be a fun semester working with St. Mary’s school students. We are all there to have a good time.

Lab 1 Write Up

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Affective Growth

Affective Growth, also known as social-emotional development is learning that increases the ability of children to act, interact, and react, and it is of the utmost importance to childrens learning process. The impact of physical activity on affective growth is vital in that it dictates our choices of hobbies for example, of whether to go outside and play or hang out and watch tv. Considering the level of physical activity incorperated into the childs environment, we are lead to belive that our surroundings dictate how physically active we are.

Learning Through the Physical

Learning through the physical means educating a child in daily physical activity to impact the students in a cognitive and affective manner. It is believed that to achieve the precision of the mature brain, stimulation in the form of movement and sensory experiences during the early developing years is necessary. Ultimately, there is proof that our lives as adults are dictated by our education as children.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I will, I hope, I believe

I will be an enthusiastic, informative, and fun physical educator. In my time as a teacher, I will make my focus the increase and maintenance of physical health through physical activities and a healthy diet.
I hope my students will take activities learned from class into their daily lifestyle as a means of keeping themselves in good health, as well as using team and group sports as building blocks for the social aspects of life.
I believe that activities are more for staying active and having fun than competition. The role of competition in sports is to me a catalyst for encouraging the participation of individuals in group activities.

About PED 201

I am so excited to begin the first teaching block for the PE program at SUNY Cortland. PED 201 helps further student’s career paths and goals. This is done by creating an online portfolio of our work and what we did to develop ourselves as educators. In this class we have to create social media profiles, such as on Blogger and Twitter, to put ourselves out into the cyber world and make ourselves known. This is an effective method I believe because it helps organize all of our hard work as educators into a convenient and easily locatable spot for even future employers to see. Not many people know what students have to do to learn how to become an effective Physical Educator. By using social media networks we have the opportunity to educate those people in what actually happens behind the scenes of learning what we do.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Winter Break '11-'12

So this is my first blog… bear with me I have never done this before. I suppose I have never really made the time for it, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere right? So let’s start things off right shall we?

 My name is Kendra Skinner and I am a Physical Education Major at SUNY Cortland. We have just recently returned from our Winter Break which I did not get much of a break at all…

I spent the last month staying occupied with a multitude of different things. For starters I had the opportunity to start a new job. This great opportunity was presented to me by Greek Peak Mountain Resort working as a Ski instructor. I have been skiing ever since 4th grade in elementary school ski club. I try to get to a mountain every winter to ski. So when the opportunity was open to actually work on a mountain for the winter, I could not pass it up!
In the past I have only worked in fast food because it was the only jobs available at the time. I was definitely nervous to start this new job because of the fact it was so different from what I was used to. Thankfully in order to get the job I had to attend a series of training sessions to meet Greek Peak’s ski instructor standards.
Here I met lots of new people and friends. The best part was every one of them was willing to lend a hand and any information that could help me become a better instructor. Every tid-bit I learned and teaching tricks I could pull out of my pocket helped me become a more efficient instructor. Now I am able to give a successful skiing lesson that is effective and informative thanks to the great people of Greek Peak who trained me and helped me to get to this point. I am happy to have this job because it is full of opportunities. Even though I have already completed my training, Greek Peak offers many other clinics that can help me further enhance my teaching techniques. I love teaching and I love being able to gain more helpful knowledge along the way.
By starting work here I got a opprotunity too work with many ski students of all ages. I learned that teaching adults is much different than teaching children. While working with so many different people all day long it gives me opprotunities to try new teaching methods and cues to further advance each of my students.I like to bring enthusiasm to my class so that everyone can enjoy what we are doing together.

While all of that craziness was going on I was still able to attend two winter session courses to gain 2 credits to further my education. Rhythms and Dance was one class, followed by Self- Defense. These classes were so much fun I could not believe I was going to school. I learned a lot of new techniques from each class and overall had a fun time doing it. Learning Rhythms and Dance brings that creative and social element to any student's life, and learning Self Defencse is beneficial for safety situations in life.

Even though I did not really get a break from the craziness of life, I sure am grateful for the time and opportunities I had over this time. So lets cheer for the New Year of 2012 and hope many new opportunities arise!