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Monday, February 20, 2012


Some of the games on that Hall of Shame games for PE are some of my favorite games. They are involvement games. Not everybody is fantastic at “this” sport or “that” skill. Being involved in fun group games gets rid of that self-consciousness of “how am I performing in front of my peers” anxiety. There is a criteria for banning games because it embarrasses some students. Well taking away these games do the same thing! Taking away games of fun and involvement that kids enjoy playing, forces the kids to play other games that they lack interest in, therefore lacking skill in, then boom! The kids STILL end up embarrassed in front of their peers.

I say we keep the classic games, if there is a problem fix it! It takes creativity and imagination. All that needs to be done is a little modification. Who knows how many times the game that is banned has been modified before to get to that point! The focus in my class is having good safe fun. Its simple and classic. Of course I would not involve a game that has safety hazards in it, but I would include a game VERY similar if not the same with a few modern tweaks. If a ball is too hard, make it a softer one, if the game has too many collisions, have the children speed walk or focus on another skill, if the game has children get out have them do something when out in order to get back in! Quick simple easy alterations. I get it, one size does not fit all, but getting rid of it all together.. now that’s a little extreme. Make the change, make the game, modofy, who knows ti could even turn out better than the original!

In order to physically educate someone they have to have interest in it or else it is a lost cause. We can’t force anybody to like something or to change their ways. We can only encourage them that it is for the best. I believe that the games on the banned list definitely have a way of encouragement. Group involvement is something special, especially for those who do not fit in large groups well. It is an excellent excuse to interact with others.

Some of these games are gateway games! As in the skills learned from one of these banned games can be transitioned and applied to other games and ever related to skills and sports. Example: Dodge ball it is a way for students to work on their throwing, catching, aim, agility, strategizing, team communication, and more! These skills can be transitioned between many sports such as handball or baseball. The ball might not be being throw “At” that person but its being thrown “TO” that person. A criticism of this game was that people are targets and that lies the problem. Well what’s the name of the game.. DODGE ball.. if you don’t want to be a target.. MOVE!
 Physical education/movement/skills... All of this can be accomplished with fun. Students like to be creative, they like to be destructive, it is a grey area definitely to satisfy everybody. But I think we can continue good, safe, fun with a little creativity so that these games can remain in action for fun for everyone!!

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