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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Predator Problem

Over the last couple of days in class we have had the experience of being educated with the rising problems of child predators. Adults’ sexually abusing children is wrong and it traumatically affects the life of the child and their families. This is a serious problem with very negative consequences. There are ways to prevent it. The main prevention method is recognition of the warning signs. We always want to protect the children, keep them in a safe environment. This environment should always be supervised, and a child should never be alone with an adult at any time. There is to much opportunity for predators to strike when children go unsupervised.
If there are suspicions of a potential predator do not hesitate. When there is delay there is more opportunity for that predator to harm the child. We learned the necessary steps during one of these situations, such as calling a hot-line specified for this problem. Here there will be people to guide the necessary steps that must be taken. I appreciate the fact that time was taken to educate us about this growing problem and I would highly recommend that is continues to get the message out there to keep the children safe.

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