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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Debate Day

The Debate held in class was to figure out which curriculum plan was best to include in the schools program. The challengers of the days debate are the Sticks in Sports & PE Enthusiasts, Fitness Education Fanatics, and Skills theme Advocates
The sticks in sports group was the first to present to the board. They had an argument which entailed the use of sticks in their lesson plans to develop the use of these sticks in sports as the child matures and the game played matures. It creates a plan to have the children develop using stick equipment in various sports that can be transferred to learning other stick sports as well.
Next to present was the Skill theme Advocates. Their presentation emphasized the importance of learning the individual developmental skills that make up the play of the sport. By working on games that enhance skills in game play it better transfers from practice to the game time performance.

Finally to present was my group the Fitness education fanatics. Our presentation focused on the importance of lifetime sports. We wanted this to be included with the schools program because of the health benefits starting at childhood all the way throughout life by learning lifetime sports. By participating in these activities it allows the student to be active and healthy in creating their own plans to stay fit and healthy in their lifestyles. The creation of our presentation went very smoothly. Everybody was involved in the project and each had a point to advance our cause.
After all the presentations were complete it was time for questions and rebuttals. This was an intense time in the classroom. Each group was pointing out holes in the plans of other groups. Even though the heat was on in the questioning the rebuttals were clear and had good answered from all of the groups.
The board had time to deliberate and reach the decision of dividing the curriculum between lifetime sports and the fundamental skills of sports. It was a successful ending for our group and a fun day of debate.

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