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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Final Day in a Fun way

Our final day at St. Mary’s was full of fun activities. One thing that always get the students excited is the parachute. On this day we were able to have 2 parachutes available to us one very large one and a medium one. 
We started off with the large parachute, this way many people would be involved in the activities. Some of the parachutes games that were played were:
-Switcheroos (parachute is lifted up, a color is called, if the student is holding that color they run under the chute and find a nother spot to hold before the parachute falls.)
- Merry go round- ( Various locomotor skills are being performed while traveling in different directions with the parachute) We performed, skipping, sliding, hopping, and walking to the right and left.
- Mushroom- the parachute is lifted up and then pulled down underneath students bottoms so they are sealed inside. This is where information was exchanged about each student. We asked questions to go around their circle like, favorite color, favorite sport, favorite school activity, favorite animals.
- Soup- balls were being thrown into the middle of the parachute and students were saying their favorite soup ingredients, then when the soup was ready to boil over the balls were popped off the parachute!
- Popcorn- multiple balls are thrown on top of the parachute while being shaken (similar to soup game), the objective was to lift the parachute up and then snap it down to the ground and see the balls to flying way up. One variation of this was to try and make a ball into the basketball hoop!
-Sharks and lifeguard- A game where we sat with our feet under the parachute. Some students were assigned roles as sharks (taggers) and lifeguards (savers). If tagged we were “dragged” under and became a shark and got to tag others! The students love being underneath the parachute.
This is when most students left to do other activities so the big parachute was put away and the medium one was brought out for those still wanting to play.
-          Trap the mouse- a student was chosen to be the mouse and crawled under the parachute while being shaken. The parachute was then lifted up and brought down “trapping” the mouse inside.
-          Don’t let in the lion- a student was assigned the role as a lion and the other parachute participates were mice. The parachute was lifted up and brought down underneath the students bottoms leaving the lion student out. The object of the game was to try and cover all the spots so that the lion couldn’t get in the cave to the mice!
When the parachutes were put away, tag games filled up the rest of the day!
Line tag- participants could not leave the lines unless tagged. Once tagged the student has to stand next to the line until someone comes along to let them back on. There was some cunfision wit this game, some students were hopping the liens while other only wanted to play without leaving the line.
 Mario tag- when tagged the students had to say “mama mia!” and hold a peace sign to show they were tagged so someone can let them back inot the game.
 Chinese temple tag- a classic and always fun to play. When tagged the students had to form Chinese temples with their legs shoulder width apart and arms met together above their heads. The student had to slide underneath the legs of other students to get them unfrozen. This was a challenged because some of the taggers liked to “puppy guard” the tagged players creating more of a challenge.
 Crazy pose tag- this went over really well, once the student was tagged they had to stand frozen in a silly pose and hold it until someone set them free. There were some pretty creative poses seen!
Blob tag- brought in more participants. A giant blob chain is formed with the more people tagged. The students strategized by breaking the blob apart to get more students tagged. Then when there was only a few students left the blob came together creating one giant blob and circled around the remaining students so there was so escape from being tagged!
Then it was time to wrap up the day. For spring the bumblebee song was sang with the students. This was a silly song and had funny dance moves for the students to join in with. Finally the last of our St. Mary’s cheers was done. This is a great way to end a great experience at St. Mary’s I am grateful or all that I have learned here and all of the wonderful students who helped me learn to be a better teacher. 

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